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Board Meeting Archives

Meeting recordings can be requested through the District Administrator by emailing

2022 Archived Minutes and Board Packets 
2022-12-13 Minutes Regular Meeting.pdf2022-12-13 Board Packet.pdf2022-11-08 Minutes Regular Meeting.pdf2022-11-08 Minutes Regular Meeting Added Memo.pdf2022-11-08 Board Packet.pdf2022-10-18 Board Packet Work Session.pdf2022-10-18 Minutes Work Session.pdf2022-10-11 Minutes Regular Meeting.pdf2022-10-11 Board Packet.pdf2022-09-13 Board Packet.pdf2022-09-13 Minutes Regular Meeting.pdf2022-08-09 Board Packet.pdf2022-08-09 Minutes Regular Meeting.pdf2022-07-27 Minutes Special Meeting.pdf2022-07-12 Board Packet.pdf2022-07-12 Minutes Regular Meeting.pdf2022-06-21 Minutes Special Meeting.pdf2022-06-21 Board Packet Special Meeting.pdf2022-06-14 Board Packet - Part 1.pdf2022-06-14 Board Packet - Part 2 - RFP1.pdf2022-06-14 Board Packet - Part 3 - RFP2.pdf2022-06-14 Board Packet - Part 4 - RFP3.pdf2022-06-14 Board Packet - Part 5 - RFP4.pdf2022-06-14 Board Packet - Part 6 - RFP5.pdf2022-06-14 Minutes Regular Meeting.pdf2022-05-10 Minutes Regular Meeting.pdf2022-05-10 Board Packet - Part 1.pdf2022-05-10 Board Packet - Part 2.pdf2022-04-12 Minutes Regular Meeting.pdf2022-04-12 Board Packet.pdf2022-03-24 Minutes Special Meeting.pdf2022-03-24 Board Packet Special Meeting.pdf2022-03-08 Board Packet.pdf2022-03-08 Minutes Regular Meeting.pdf2022-02-08 Minutes Regular Meeting.pdf2022-02-08 Board Packet Part 1 Regular Meeting.pdf2022-02-08 Board Packet Part 2 Regular Meeting.pdf2022-02-07 Board Packet Special Meeting.pdf2022-02-07 Minutes Special Meeting.pdf2022-01-11 Board Packet Regular Meeting.pdf2022-01-11 Minutes Regular Meeting.pdf
2021 Archived Minutes and Board Packets 
2021-12-14 Minutes Regular Meeting.pdf2021-12-14 Board Packet.pdf2021-12-07 Board Packet.pdf2021-12-07 Minutes Special Meeting.pdf2021-11-9 Minutes Regular Meeting.pdf2021-11-09 Board Packet.pdf2021-10-14 Board Packet.pdf2021-10-14 Minutes Special Meeting.pdf2021-10-12 Board Packet - PT 1.pdf2021-10-12 Minutes Regular Meeting.pdf2021-10-12 Board Packet - PT 2 FPPA.pdf2021-09-14 Board Packet.pdf2021-09-14 Minutes Regular Meeting.pdf2021-08-10 Board Packet Updated.pdf2021-08-10 Minutes Regular Meeting.pdf2021-07-26 Agenda Regular Meeting - No Board Packet.docx2021-07-13 Board Packet.pdf2021-06-08 Board Packet Part 1.pdf2021-06-08 Minutes Regular Meeting.docx2021-06-08 Board Packet Part 2 Strategic Plan.pdf2021-05-25 Minutes Work Session.docx2021-05-20 Minutes Special Meeting.docx2021-05-11 Minutes Regular Meeting.docx2021-05-11 Board Packet Regular Meeting.pdf2021-04-13 Board Packet - Part 1.pdf2021-04-13 Minutes Regular Meeting - AMENDED.pdf2021-04-13 Board Packet - Part 2 - 2020 Draft Audit.pdf2021-04-08 Minutes Work Session.pdf2021-04-08 Board Packet Work Session (Only Agenda, no other info).pdf2021-04-08 AFPD Strategic Planning Workshop Presentation.pptx2021-03-30 Board Packet Special Meeting.pdf2021-03-30 Minutes Special Meeting.pdf2021-03-30 Agenda Special Meeting.pdf2021-03-09 Minutes Regular Meeting.pdf2021-03 Board Packet -- Part 1.pdf2021-03 Board Packet --Part2.pdf2021-03 Board Packet --Part3.pdf2021-02-09 Board Packet.pdf2021-02-09 Minutes Regular Meeting.pdf2021-01-12 Minutes Regular Meeting.pdf2021-01-12 Board Packet.pdf
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