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Introducing the

Aspen Wildfire Foundation

Incorporated January 2024


Aspen Wildfire Foundation 501(c)3 proactively reduces the destructive consequences of wildfire in our fire district and its connected landscapes. We are Aspen’s premier wildfire resilience organization, protecting people, restoring landscapes, and preparing for an adaptive and inclusive future. 




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The Aspen Wildfire Foundation (formerly the Wildfire Community Action Fund) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that assists in adapting our community toward a wildfire-resilient future. Since October 2021, 106 community members have helped AFPD raise $486,485 in charitable contributions to start and sustain a community wildfire program. This level of community support has leveraged an additional $139,665 in wildfire mitigation grant funding. We could not have done this without the support of our community! 



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The Aspen Wildfire Foundation is accomplishing proactive on-the-ground work for wildfire mitigation and habitat restoration.


Check out our page Our Foundation at Work to learn how your donations are translating to on-the-ground hazards reduction.



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Community resilience means living with fire and proactively reducing the negative consequences.


From homeowners to businesses, Forest Service to local nonprofits, we need collaborative community action to keep our town safe and our local ecosystems healthy.

Fire plays a natural and regenerative role in ecosystems. However, after a century of fire suppression practices, the heavy fuel load (sticks, dead trees, brush, etc.) is causing wildfires to occur more frequently, spread faster, and burn hotter. Warmer seasons and regular drought are contributing to a worsening situation on the ground.




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Aspen Fire is working proactively around the clock.

AFPD maintains five fire stations throughout the district with crews ready to respond to incidents. We have also partnered with Pano AI to install high-tech, rotating camera stations that can detect wildfires on the landscape as early as possible.

We provide homeowners with resources like wildfire risk assessments at no charge, risk mapping, tips for "home hardening" (making your property as protected as possible), evacuation preparedness tools, and more.




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