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Small Projects Permitting Policy


Aspen Fire Department – Small Project Requirements/Policy:

Permit applications for small projects such as tenant finish improvements in commercial occupancies or small residential remodels may be submitted in letter form.




1. Addition of less than six sprinklers to an existing RESIDENTIAL system.

2. Addition of less than 20 sprinklers to an existing COMMERCIAL system.

3. Repair, maintenance, or replacement of components.

4. Changing orientation of sprinklers for construction or other temporary condition.

5. Raising, lowering or otherwise minor adjustments to current location of sprinkler heads or branch lines.

6. Demo of a system or portion thereof.

7. Isolation of a system for retrofits/changes.

8. Scope letters shall include hydraulic calculations if needed, as well as manufacture information and product data for materials used.

9. As- built drawings shall be provided if requested by AHJ.  Requirement for drawings shall be determined on a case by case basis upon review of scope of work.  


The “Small Project” letter shall be submitted on the registered contractor’s company letterhead, and shall include the following information:    

• Project name, address, anticipated start and completion dates

• Project scope of work, number of sprinkler heads

• Statement indicating that the tenant finish, remodel or additions do not affect the hydraulic demand design or integrity of the existing fire protection system.  

Submittal of hydraulic calculations and equipment specification sheets for projects with less than 20 sprinkler heads for commercial projects, or less than six heads for residential, are at the discretion of the AHJ.  All installations require an AHJ rough-in and final inspection regardless of the number of heads altered or installed.  Contractors are required to call for inspections prior to work being covered.  This excludes minor repairs and maintenance issues associated with existing systems.      



2021 INTERNATIONAL FIRE CODE:  Section 106 – Construction Documens  

106.1 Submittals:  Construction documents and supporting data shall be submitted in two or more sets with each application for a permit and in such form and detail as required by the fire code official.  The construction documents shall be prepared by a registered design professional where required by the statues of the jurisdiction in which the project is to be constructed.  

Exception:  The fire code official is authorized to waive the submission of construction documents and supporting data not required to be prepared by a registered design professional if it is found that the nature of the work applied for is such that review of construction documents is not necessary to obtain compliance with this code.      



Division of Fire Prevention and Control  


8 CCR 1507-11                                                                                                                                     




6.2.5 Plans and hydraulic calculations must bear the signature of a P.E. or NICET level III or above. This signature attests that the plans have been reviewed and meet the intent of the standard.  

Exemptions: 1. No signature is required for small projects unless, in the opinion of the AHJ, the hydraulic design or integrity of the existing fire protection system may be affected by the scope of work.  


6.2.7           Special rules for small project submittals.       In lieu of full-sized drawings, an AHJ may allow the submittal of a scale drawing of the proposed project on 8½ x 11-inch paper, including product data sheets, calculations, and all information required  by the applicable NFPA standard. The certified Fire Inspector has the right to require additional information as may be necessary to fully evaluate the project.       A signed letter on the registered contractor's letterhead must be submitted explaining the scope of work and a statement that tenant finish, remodel, or additions do not affect the hydraulic demand design or integrity of the existing fire protection system.   

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