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Our Mission Statement

“Protect our community and environment by providing education, prevention, and response through professional excellence!"

Our Values

  • PEOPLE- We value above all else
  • SAFETY- Because we value people
  • BALANCE- We recognize the importance of work-life balance
  • INTEGRITY- Honest actions, open communication
  • COMPASSION- In serving those in need
  • RESPECT- For our community, our neighboring agencies, each other, and ourselves
  • GROWTH- As an organization, as a team, and as individuals
  • FORWARD-THINKING- Oriented towards the future

Our Vision

  • We will encourage and support excellence in leadership, industry advancement, and service.
  • We will provide effective and professional service and response.
  • We will value teamwork and open communication with our internal and external partners as the foundation for everything we do.
  • We will honor our families and will act with respect and integrity in all situations.
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