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Homeowner Spotlight: Chipper Program

In 2022, AFPD's pilot chipper program successfully helped homeowners reduce hazardous fuels and create defensible space around homes. Participating homeowners received guidelines for pre-registration, removing flammable brush, and stacking it near the side of the road. A contractor, acquired via competitive bid, chipped brush piles and brought them to the Pitkin County Landfill for composting.

  • Participating HOA's: 3
  • Total Days Chipping: 6
  • Total landowners: 40
  • Total fuels removed: 238 cubic yards of wood chips

In 2023, in partnership with Pitkin County and City of Aspen, AFPD will offer an expanded chipper program for high-wildfire-risk neighborhoods. 

May contain: soil, plant, vegetation, and root

2023 Goals:

  • Participating HOA's: 10+
  • Total Days Chipping: 20+
  • Total landowners: 120+
  • Total fuels removed: 700+ cubic yards of wood chips

If you live in a high-risk neighborhood and would like to participate in 2023, click here or contact

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