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Burn Permit

 Burn permits are issued October 1st through May 30th.


The Colorado Air Pollution Control laws and regulations and the 1994 Uniform Fire Code, Article 11, which has been adopted by local fire districts, prohibit open burning throughout the State unless a permit has been obtained.  In granting or denying any such permit, the authority shall base its action on the potential contribution to air pollution in the area, climatic conditions on the day or days of such burning, and the authority’s satisfaction that there is no practical alternate method for the disposal of the material to be burned.


  1. Applicant may complete the Burning Permit Application in the sidebar of this page.  You can also fill out a form in person at our district office.
  2. Completed copy of permit application with appropriate authorization will be forwarded to applicant.
  3. The approved application will serve as the permit.


  1. Burning permits will not be issued in the Aspen metro area.
  2. Construction materials, treated or painted wood, trees, stumps or any usable wood greater than four inches in diameter do not qualify for a Burning permit and should be disposed of in a manner other than burning.  Wood remaining after firewood salvage may be burned.
  3. Tires may NEVER be burned.
  4. Burning is permitted only when fire danger is low.  During publicly announced periods of POLLUTION EMERGENCY or ALERT, all permits are suspended in alert areas.
  5. In the event of a National Weather Service issued Red Flag Warning, all burn permits will be automatically cancelled for the day or days affected.
  6. At no time shall the burning be left unattended. Burning shall be supervised by one or more responsible persons dependent on the type of burning being done.  Precautions shall be taken to localize the burning and to mitigate any fire hazard to persons or property within or adjacent to the area of burning. The granting authority and the employees or agents thereof, in the issuing of a permit, do not assume any responsibility or liability for any hazardous condition created by the permittee which results in damage to the person or property of the permittee, or the persons or property of any third person. Citations may be issued by the local fire districts for negligence.
  7. The permit will be available for inspection without unreasonable delay upon request of appropriate officials.
  8. The permit is for compliance with Air Pollution control requirements only and is not a permit to violate any existing local laws, rules, regulations or ordinances regarding fire, zoning or building.
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