Wildfire Mitigation Assessment

Wildfire ClipWildfire Mitigation Assessment


In an effort to reduce the wildfire hazards in our community Aspen Fire Protection District has begun offering wildfire mitigation assessments for private residences, neighborhoods, and sub-divisions. With a thorough assessment and proper mitigation efforts your home’s chances of wildfire survival increase dramatically.

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Q: Can any home receive an assessment?

A: Yes, any home or building within the Aspen Fire Protection District can and should be evaluated for its wildfire risk.

Q: What does the assessment look at?

A: Our assessments look at all aspects of the building, from the construction inside and out, to the vegetation, and even the surrounding topography. Our assessment criteria comes from guidelines recommended by the Colorado State Forest Service and the FireWise program.

Q: Will getting an assessment force me to mitigate?

A: Our assessments are simply recommendations to help lower the wildfire risk to your home, neighborhood, and the Aspen area. While mitigation increases your home’s chances for survival it also helps emergency responders in the event of a wildfire.

Q: Who can do the recommended mitigation?

A: There are many local tree companies and landscapers that can do the recommended mitigation work or you can do it on your own, the choice is up to you. The City of Aspen will be offering mitigation incentives to high risk city neighborhoods who participate in mitigation projects together. Call for details.

Emergency Planning

While the assessment and mitigation help perpare your house for a wildfire event we want to help prepare you and your family for any emergency event including wildfires.

We can provide you with further information and resources for wildfire mitigation as well as emergency planning that includes the following:

-Family Emergency Planning

-Evacuation Planning

-Pet Evacuatioin Planning

-Vegetation Management

-Grassfire Mitigation

-A Homeowner’s Guide to Reducing Wildfire Risk

-CSFS’s Protecting Your Home from Wildfire

Ready, Set, Go!

Aspen Fire has joined with the City of Aspen, Pitkin County, and the other fire districts within our valley in adopting the Ready, Set Go! program, a nationwide wildfire preparedness program. This program helps prepare the public for a wildfire event, from how to prep your family and home for an evacuation to the roles of the many agencies that will be there to help you through such a tumultuous experience.

Staying informed

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Pitkin County Emergency Information, www.pitkinemergency.org

Sign up for text and email alerts at www.pitkinalert.org

More Information

The Colorado State Forrest Service, www.csfs.colostate.edu

Community Wildfire Protection Planning, www.csfs.colostate.edu/pages/community-wf-protection-planning.html

Colorado’s “Are You FireWise?” information, www.csfs.colostate.edu/pages/wf-protection.html

National Fire Protection Association’s Firewise Communities USA, www.firewise.org

Fire Adapted Communities, www.fireadapted.com

Ready, Set, Go!, www.wildlandfirersg.org

Click here to download this information in a PDF format:  Wildfire Mitigation Flyer 6-15

 For further information please contact parker.lathrop@aspenfire.com