Our Mission

Mission Statement


According to the National Fire Academy , a mission statement gives an organization “a clear understanding of what it is and what it does.” As such, the mission provides “a foundation for making decisions about the organization.”

 The Aspen Fire Protection District exists to ensure a safe community for our citizens to live and work, and for our guests to visit. We reduce human loss and suffering caused by sudden disaster.




Strategic Vision

Aspen Volunteer Fire Department Organizational Statement

Purpose: The Aspen Volunteer Fire Department operates within the Aspen Fire Protection District, incorporated in 1953, to provide the citizens within the community of Aspen and its immediate vicinity with a basic level of fire suppression capability. Today, although it is still known as a fire department, it exists to provide a variety of emergency services to the approximately 10,000 people who live within the District.

In addition to providing services to the primary areas of the Aspen Fire District, the department, through mutual-aid agreements and automatic-aid agreements with other fire departments, the Pitkin County Airport Rescue and Fire Brigade, the Pitkin County Sheriff, and other local agencies within Pitkin County, provides emergency service in the form of assistance to service areas within and adjoining our District.

The department operates four Type 1 engines, one 75-ft aerial ladder with an elevated master stream, one heavy rescue truck, one 3,000 gallon water tender, and one Type 3 wildfire engine. The apparatus fleet responds from one headquarters station in the City of Aspen , and 3 substations located throughout the 87 square mile District.



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