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HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM THE ASPEN VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT! To make sure you have fun and be safe out there, our friend, Sparky, has a few tips about fire safety during this SPOOKY season!

Be Safe Halloween!


The U.S. Forest Service is planning to conduct a prescribed fire in the Hunter Creek Valley the Spring of 2016 to improve wildfire habitat and decrease the risk of catastrophic wildfire. The project is part of the Hunter-Smuggler Cooperative Plan, which was finalized in early 2014 and seeks to improve forest resiliency and recreation in the Hunter Creek Valley and surrounding landscape. For more information, please see video below for more information.


PRESS RELEASE: Monitored Alarm Letter

Aspen, Colorado – April 29, 2016 – Earlier this month, there was a notice sent to a number of local property owners on Aspen Fire Protection District's letterhead that also appeared to have been signed by Aspen Fire Protection District’s Fire Marshal. If you received one of these notices regarding alarm system maintenance in the mail, or elsewhere, please be aware that this letter was in fact not generated nor authorized by The Aspen Fire Protection District, and did not contain accurate information. Understandably, the content and nature of this falsified letter have caused a great deal of concern among many homeowners and others within our fire district. If you have any questions regarding response procedures as they pertain to monitored alarm life safety devices, or any other questions or concerns, please feel free to call the Aspen Fire Protection District office at (970) 925-5532 or stop by our offices at 420 E. Hopkins Avenue. To view a letter from the Fire Marshal regarding Aspen Fire’s alarm policy and procedures, please go to our website at and click on the "Public Information and Events" tab. To all those within the Aspen Fire Protection District, and the many of you who have called or stopped by already regarding this unfortunate issue, please rest assured that the Aspen Fire Protection District staff and dozens of Aspen Volunteer Firefighters are always here to respond and assist you in your time of need. Rick Balentine Fire Chief/CEO Tel: 970.925.5532 LEARN MORE


Did you know your monitored fire alarm system needs to be inspected on an annual basis? Please read Letter From Fire Marshal