Honor Guard

HG Group1_700.jpgThe Aspen Fire Honor Guard was established in 2013 with the goal to represent all members of the Fire Department in the highest degree of professionalism, dedication, loyalty, honor, and dignity.  We strive to honor firefighters in life, as well as death, and to exhibit the best possible image to the entire community.  In addition to funerals and memorial services, the honor guard may be called upon to post colors, march in parades, social functions, fire victims’ funerals, assist families during a time of need and stand guard at funeral homes.

Eight members currently volunteer their time to the Honor Guard:

Fire Chief, Rick Balentine

Deputy Chief, Dave Walbert

Chaplain, Roy Holloway

Retired Captain, Tim Cottrell

Captain, Bruce Bradshaw

Captain, Craig Melville

Firefighter, Pat Mullins

Firefighter, Mike Tracey

Firefighter, Marc Zachary


To request Honor Guard services, please email Fire Chief, Rick Balentine at rick.balentine@aspenfire.com

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